About PeakFinder

The idea of PeakFinder was born in 2010. I had taken some time off and learned Spanish and tango dancing in Buenos Aires (both with moderate success). Back in Switzerland, I didn't really know what my professional future should look like. I didn't want to go back to IT project management. I wanted much more to go back to Argentina.
Then, on a hike with my sister and her husband, the idea came. The two of them had a disagreement over a mountain name during a break near a mountain lake. I honestly had no clue about any of the mountains around us. But I had a clue and a passion for programming and wanted to solve this problem. So I stocked up on the necessary hardware and traveled back to Buenos Aires. There I programmed PeakFinder during the day and danced Tango (now a bit more successfully) during the nights.
Since then, PeakFinder had not let me go. From the initial Alpine area, I expanded the coverage to the whole world. Today PeakFinder uses the same technology as in computer games. With this, you can virtually fly through the mountain landscapes and discover unknown mountain names through the live image of your camera.
As long as I can live from PeakFinder, I will add many more extensions. In any case, I still have plenty of ideas. If you have any suggestions or ideas about PeakFinder, feel free to contact me.

Fabio Soldati,
Zurich, Switzerland

Fabio Soldati
PeakFinder Testing: Appalachian Trail