Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer, I am happy to help. Just write an email to

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • Does PeakFinder has a subscription model with recurring costs?

    There seems to be a misunderstanding because some other mountain apps have a subscription model. But PeakFinder is a paid-app without any recurring costs. That means you have to pay only once and then you can use the app without any further costs. Also all the app updates are free.

  • Can I move my PeakFinder license to my new device without paying again?

    If you stayed on the same platform (iOS or Android) you can install PeakFinder directly on your smartphone by using the AppStore resp. Google Play App without paying again. Just make sure that you use the same account that you used when ordering PeakFinder in the past.
    Moving the license from one store to the other is not possible. Unfortunately, the app stores do not provide this option.

  • PeakFinder was charged twice. How do I get a refund?

    The selling and installation process is completely managed by the stores. We app developers do not have access to any customer data. Please contact the store support directly for further assistance: AppStore Support: Google Play Support:

  • I can't find PeakFinder on my phone after buying the app.

    May be something with the installation went wrong. Open the 'AppStore'-App directly on your phone and search for 'PeakFinder'. Press then 'Install' or 'Open'. Open the 'Google Play'-App directly on your phone and search for 'PeakFinder'. Press then 'Install' or 'Open'.

  • Familiy Sharing is not working on my iPhone.

    Family sharing is an offer from Apple. We app developers do not have any access to the customer data. Please check out this page about setting up the family sharing and this page about solving common errors. If you cannot find a solution please contact Apple Support directly. They have access to your personal data and can give you further support.

  • I just installed PeakFinder and the app does not work as expected (e.g. problem with GPS, camera, ...)

    Have you already tried to delete PeakFinder and install it again (there are no new costs, but taken photos and saved favorites will be lost)? May be you can also try to restart the device. This often solves such problems. If not please tell me and I'll provide further support.

  • PeakFinder points to the wrong compass direction or the image is stuttering.

    To obtain the correct direction PeakFinder uses the compass sensor of your device. This sensor is sensitive to magnetic fields. To get a better result move away from any disturbance source.
    Have you already tried to calibrate the compass? You can do this by starting PeakFinder and then pressing the flat '8' icon below the compass. Then follow the instructions. This will automatically calibrate the 3-axis compass.
    See also here for more: Compass calibration
    Attention: Magnetic mobile phone covers disturb the compass sensor!

  • PeakFinder works in the portait mode only. When I rotate my device to landscape the labels do not rotate.

    You probably have the screen orientation lock enabled on your device. See here how to disable the lock. iOS Android

  • The camera symbol does not appear on my device.

    The AR mode (camera mode) requires a gyroscope sensor to stabilize the panorama drawing over the camera image and a compass sensor to determine the cardinal direction. Your device does not have a gyroscope or compass sensor built-in and therefore the AR function (camera) is unfortunately not available.

  • I miss one or several peak names

    PeakFinder uses the peak data mainly from (OSM). is the Wikipedia of online maps. Everyone can add missing data this this project. If you like you can add the missing peak by yourself. This way also many other great projects benefit from your work. Here is an explanation:
    The data will be available in PeakFinder 24 hours later (open the PeakFinder Menu an select Settings->Update).

  • How can I embed PeakFinder on my website?

    You'll find extended information on the page API.