Arete Peak
3063m (10050ft.)

Located in the Amiskwi River Valley 0.7 km south of Mount des Poilus; north and east of Glacier des Poilus. Yoho Park, Major headwater Columbia River.
Latitude 51; 35; 15 Longitude 116; 36; 10, Topo map 82N/10

Panorama viewpoint: Big Hill. Can be seen from Highway 1

Named in 1915. An arete is a narrow ridge with steep slopes on both sides. The Interprovincial Boundary Commission assigned this name probably because they were impressed with the arete which connects the mountain with Mount Des Poilus Official name.

Photo: Arete Peak (left) and Mount Des Poilus from the Trans-Canada Highway near the Spiral Tunnels Viewpoint
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Photo: Looking northwest to Arete Peak from Waterfall Valley (courtesy Rob and Kathy Taerum)

Please note that there is an Arete Mountain in Jasper National Park.
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