Abraham Mountain
2940m (9646ft.)

Located in the North Saskatchewan River Valley 8 km north of the confluence of the Cline River and the North Saskatchewan. Park, Alberta Major headwater Saskatchewan River.
Latitude 52; 16; 40 Longitude 116; 29; 15, Topo map 83C/08
Can be seen from Highway 11

Naming: Abraham, Silas (Mary Schaffer employed Silas Abraham as a guide in 1906 and 1907. He was very active in the Kootenai Plains area of the lower Saskatchewan Valley and helped to build the corrals and cabin at Tom Wilson''s ranch.) Official name.

Looking northwest to Abraham Mountain (courtesy Eric Coulthard)
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Other Information
Photo: Abraham Mountain (courtesy Gillean Daffern)

Born in 1871, Silas Abraham lived with his Stoney Indian family in the Kootenay Plains area of the North Saskatchewan River Valley. He became a guide for many early explorers and adventurers such as Martin Nordegg, Mary Schaffer, and Elliott Barns. In 1902 Silas and his family helped construct Tom Wilson''s Cabin, the first log structure in the valley.
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