Mount Worthington
2972m (9750ft.)

Located on the continental divide in the Palliser River Valley west of Three Isle Lake. Kananaskis Park, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Bow & Kootenay rivers.
Latitude 50; 37; 30 Longitude 115; 17; 50, Topo map 82J/11
Can be seen from Highway 40S

Named in 1956. Worthington, Lt. Col. Don (Lt. Col. Worthington was killed in action in 1944 while commanding the 28th Armoured Regiment (British Columbia Regiment.) WW II Official name.

Photo: Looking west to Mount Worthington from Three Isle Lake (courtesy Gerry Hopkins)
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Photo: Looking up the Three Isle Creek Valley to Mount Worthington from the east on Highway #40, near the Kananaskis Lookout Road

Colonel Worthington commanded the 28th Armoured Regiment (British Columbia Regiment) C.A.C. during WW II. He was killed on 9 August 1944 during the Battle for Hill 111, Normandy, France during Operation Totalize II. Hill 111 is located half a mile east of Route N158, approximately midway between Caen and Falaise.

We lost 47 M4A2 Sherman Tanks and 40 all ranks killed. Bad day for the Regiment. However, the Regiment was re-equipped and ready for action in Operation Tractable, 14 Aug 1944.

(courtesy Lt. Col. Archie M. Steacy -former Commanding Officer of the British Columbia Regiment, and president of the BCR Association in 2006)

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