Mount Weiss
3090m (10138ft.)

Located in the Sunwapta River Valley opposite the confluence of Jonas Creek and the Sunwapta River. Winston Churchill Range, Jasper Park, Alberta Major headwater Athabasca River.
Latitude 52; 23; 30 Longitude 117; 28; 30, Topo map 83C/06
Can be seen from Highway 93N

Named in 1972. Weiss, Joe (Joe Weiss lived in Jasper for 45 years, exploring, guiding, and photographing in the Rockies.) Official name.

First ascended in 1971 by Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Fuhrer, B. MartinJournal reference CAJ 55-93.

Photo: Mount Weiss from the east on Highway #93 at Jonas Creek

Other Information

Joe Weiss was one of the earliest ski-mountaineers, completing a solo trip from Jasper to the Columbia Icefield in 1929, exploring the Columbia Icefields on skis during the following winter and skiing the complete route from Jasper to Banff, and, in 1931, completing the first ski-ascent of Snow Dome. In 1933 he attempted a ski-ascent of Mount Columbia but was turned back just 100m below the summit.
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