Vermilion Peak
2636m (8650ft.)

Located in the Vermilion River Valley across Haffner Creek from Mount Stanley. Kootenay Park, Major headwater Kootenay River.
Latitude 51; 09; 40 Longitude 116; 07; 00, Topo map 82N/01

Panorama viewpoint: Vermilion Pass. Can be seen from Highway 93S

Naming: The Vermilion River Valley below this mountain has deposits of yellow ochre which the Indians used to make use of. Official name.

Photo: Looking north to Vermilion Peak from Highway #93(S)
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Photo: Looking south-southwest to Vermilion Peak from Highway 93(S)

Four hours after crossing Vermilion Pass, James Hectorís party reached the Vermilion Plain where Ochre Creek joins the main valley. He wrote in his journal that, "Its surface is completely covered with yellow ochre, washed down from the ferruginous shales in the mountains. The Kootanie Indians come to this place sometimes, and we found the remains of a camp and of a large fire which they had used to convert the ochre into the red oxide which they take away to trade to the Indians of the low country, and also to the Blackfoot as a pigment, calling it vermilion." The attractive peak which stands to the east of the ochre beds takes its name from the colour of the pigment which the Indians obtained in the flats below.

When the Interprovincial Boundary Survey studied the pass, "the extensive remains of old teepee poles in the vicinity" were still visible.

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