Mount Petain
3183m (10443ft.)

Located on the continental divide at the head of Petain Creek; 2.5 km northeast of Mount Joffre. on the border of Kananaskis & Elk Lakes parks, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Bow & Kootenay rivers.
Latitude 50; 32; 40 Longitude 115; 11; 00, Topo map 82J/11

Named in 1918. Petain, General Henri P.B.O. (A French soldier and politician, General Petain served in WW I. As premier of France he surrendered to Germany in 1940 and established the Nazi controlled "Vichy" government of France.) Official name.

First ascended in 1930 by Katie Gardiner, guided by Walter Feuz. Journal reference CAJ 19-70.

Photo: Mount Petain from the north on the east ridge of Mount Sarrail (Mount Joffre is hidden by cloud) (courtesy Rienk Lakeman)
Photo: Mount Petain from the north (courtesy Alan Kane)

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