Mount Peechee
2935m (9630ft.)

Located in the Bow River Valley south of Lake Minnewanka and north of Carrot Creek. Fairholme Range, Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 12; 35 Longitude 115; 22; 30, Topo map 82O/03

Panorama viewpoint: Whiskey Creek East. Can be seen from Highway 1

Named by George M. Dawson in 1884. Piche (later corrupted to Peechee) (Peechee was an Indian Guide who led George Simpson through the front ranges of the Rockies.) Official name.

First ascended in 1929 by , guided by Lawrence Grassi.

Photo: Looking east to Mount Peechee from Highway #1 at Whiskey Creek Meadows
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Photo: Looking north up Carrot Creek to Mount Peechee from Highway #1 at Harvie Heights

Mount Inglismaldie, Mount Girouard, and Mount Peechee form a massive interconnected group which is the northern end of the Fairholme Range, lying immediately south of Lake Minnewanka.

The southernmost peak of the group is Mount Peechee. George Simpson, the first non-native to visit the Banff area, named the lake now known a Minnewanka after Peechee, the Metis who guided him through the mountains and along it's shores in 1841. Some four decades later George Dawson noted that "Peechee Lake" had not appeared on maps and was not being recognized and decided to transfer the name to the mountain which rises above the mid-point of the lake. Dawson referred to the lake as "Devil's Lake" on his 1886 map, the name being derived from Devil's Gap to the east. Two years later the Department of the Interior changed the name to Lake Minnewanka.

Peechee lived with his wife and family on the edge of what they referred to as Devil's Lake (now Lake Minnewanka). Walter Wilcox wrote in Camping in the Canadian Rockies that, "The guide Peechee seems to have possessed much influence over his fellows, and whenever, as was often the case, the Indians gathered around their campfires and gossiped about their adventures, Peechee was listened to with the closest attention on the part of all."

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