Bertha Peak
2454m (8050ft.)

Located west of Upper Waterton Lake and north of Bertha Creek. Waterton Park, Alberta Major headwater Oldman River.
Latitude 49; 02; 20 Longitude 113; 56; 40, Topo map 82H/04

Panorama viewpoint: Sofa Mountain Hill. Can be seen from Highway 5

Named by Morrison P. Bridgland in 1914. Ekelund, Bertha (Bertha was an early resident of Waterton National Park.) Unofficial name.

Photo: Bertha Peak from the Prince of Wales Hotel

Other Information

The gentle slopes of Bertha Peak lie above Waterton Townsite and the lowest portion of the road to Cameron Lake passes between its lower slopes and those of the so-called "Bears Hump" to the north. Bertha Peak''s lower slopes have several broad avalanche tracks which are a brilliant green during the early summer. In 1952, a number of cottages in Waterton Townsite were wiped out by avalanches from the slopes of Bertha Peak. The cottage lots are no longer designated residential by Parks Canada and have been sensibly left vacant since the avalanche.

"Bertha Ekelund was an early resident of the area and the mountain and Bertha Lake were named in her honour.

Scrambling Routes
An easy ascent from nearby Bertha Lake. The lake is a popular day hike from Waterton townsite, but the mountain will be far less crowded. Less ambitious partners can loll at the lake while you gaze over steep cliffs to the masses far below, or glimpse big peaks in Glacier National Park. An ice axe could be needed for early season trips; try from mid-June on. Kane, Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies page 37

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