Orient Point
2636m (8650ft.)

Located between the head of the Ghost River and the South Ghost River. Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 14; 55 Longitude 115; 10; 20, Topo map 82O/03

Panorama viewpoint: Benchlands. Can be seen from Highway 940N

Naming: The name likely relates the peaks geographic significance at the entrance to Devil's Gap (at the point where the Ghost River passes through the Front Range. Official name.

Looking west-northwest to Orient Point (Phantom Crag at right) from near the bottom of Scott Lake Hill on the Trans-Canada Highway
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Other Information
Photo: Looking northwest to Orient Point from the Bow Valley

Orient Point extends east into flat-lying forests between the South Ghost and Ghost Rivers.

Together with Devil's Head, Orient Point provided travellers to the east "orientation" to the Devil's Gap route through the front ranges of the Rockies.

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