Mount Oliver (Banff)
2983m (9787ft.)

Located at the head of the Ghost River and the heads of North Burnt Timber Creeks ,Dormer Creek, and Stony Creek. on the border of Ghost & Banff parks, Alberta
Latitude 51; 25; 35 Longitude 115; 28; 30, Topo map 82O/06

Named in 1928. Oliver, Hon. Frank (The founder of the Edmonton Bulletin, Frank Oliver was elected to the Legislative Assembly and to the House of Commons where he became Minister of the Interior in the government of Sir Wilfred Laurier.) Official name.

Other Information

As Minister of the Interior, Frank Oliver created the Dominion Parks Branch. Enacted under the Dominion Forest Resrves and Parks Act, the world's first national park bureau consolidated the parks under one administration. [Marty]

There appear to be two Mt. Olivers named after Frank Oliver, this one in Banff National Park and (Mount Oliver) in Jasper National Park.

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