The Mitre
2886m (9469ft.)

Located at the head of Lefroy Glacier between Lefroy Glacier and Paradise Creek. Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 21; 50 Longitude 116; 15; 50, Topo map 82N/08

Named by Samuel E.S. Allen in 1893. The mountain resembles a Bishop's mitre. Official name.

First ascended in 1901 by Christian Kaufmann, J. Pollinger

Looking south-southeast to The Mitre from Plain of the Six Glaciers
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Photo: Looking south to The Mitre from Mount St. Piran

Climbing Routes
Normal Route II 5.5
As a result of the reduced traffic the route has had in the last few years the amount of loose rock on the route has increased somewhat. In fact, the rock is pretty rank in many places - it always has been and always will be! However, don't let the state of the rock deter you in the slightest. The climbing is not difficult and in at least one place it is unusual. Furthermore, the situation on the summit is unique with the walls of Lefroy towering above you. It's quite "atmospheric". Go do the route - it's a fun day out, trust me (!). Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 90
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