Bastion Peak
2970m (9744ft.)

Located on the continental divide at the head of Tonquin Creek and Moat Creek; south buttress of Moat/Tonquin Pass. The Ramparts, on the border of Jasper & Mount Robson parks, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Athabasca & Fraser rivers.
Latitude 52; 42; 35 Longitude 118; 20; 40, Topo map 83D/09

Named by E. Deville (Director of the Geological Survey of Canada) in 1916. This mountain has a sharp, projecting peak which resembles a bastion in a fort or castle. Official name.

First ascended in 1925 by J.W.A. Hickson, Howard Palmer, guided by H. Kohler. Journal reference AJ 38-63; App 16-246.

Photo: (l-r) Bastion Peak, Turret Mountain, Mount Geikie, and Barbican Peak from Dixon's Cabins

Other Information

Although small in stature, the strength of guide Lawrence Grassi was legendary. In 1926, Dr. R.D. Williams of Calgary broke his leg while climbing Bastion Peak in the Tonquin Valley southwest of Jasper. Rather than leave the man on the mountain while he went for help, Lawrence carried the much heavier man on his back for two miles down a steep mountain, across a glacier and over moraine to a waiting rescue party.

[See Lawrence Grassi]

Climbing Routes
East Face IV 5.7
A bit of a misnomer calling this the E face considering that the bulk of the climbing is on the N face. Nevertheless, it is one of the better climbs in the Tonquin, offering a little of all types of climbing. It starts off up some snow slopes that face east (the E face bit), then gains the rocks on the north side of the E ridge. A long day out. Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 265
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