Lipalian Mountain
2710m (8892ft.)

Located in the Bow River Valley between Baker Creek and Corral Creek. Slate Range, Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 25; 30 Longitude 116; 05; 50, Topo map 82N/08
Can be seen from Highway 1

Named by William C. Gussow in 1958. Lipalian is a geological term which refers to an unconfomity between the Precambrian and Cambrian strata in the Rockies. This mountain is composed of the youngest Precambrian layers in North America. Official name.

Photo: Looking northeast to Lipalian Mountain from the Trans-Canada Highway
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Photo: Looking west-southwest to Lipalian Mountain from the Trans-Canada Highway

It is believed that Lipalian Mountain may have been climbed by James Hector in 1859 and author Irene Spry believes that this was the mountain he named Observation. [Don Beers]

It is also likely that this was the peak climbed by Arthur Coleman in 1884.

He wrote, ". . . the next thought of course, was to climb the nearest mountain, for mountains can only be seen from a mountain. You cannot really see them from the valley, even a high valley like this at 5000 feet.

The mountain nearest was to the east, and first we had to climb a swath of burnt woods ľan abomination of desolation made up of black soil, black standing trunks, and black fallen logs ľunder a glowing sun that tried our temper. Then came green timber and shade, with moss under foot, and a green-edged lake. . . Above the trees there was a lavish display of bright flowers. . . and I went on over rocks and a snowfield to the top.

It was only a commonplace mountain about eight thousand feet high, without a name, so far as I am aware; but it belonged to the family of Rocky Mountains, and gave one an introduction to its stately neighbours."

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