Mount Lineham
2728m (8950ft.)

Located between Lineham Creek and Rowe Creek; southeast of Linham Lakes. Waterton Park, Alberta Major headwater Oldman River.
Latitude 49; 04; 15 Longitude 114; 02; 50, Topo map 82G/01
Can be seen from Highway 5

Named in 1916. Lineham, John (A well-known pioneer of the Highwood area, John Lineham was involved in the Lumber, oil exploration, and agriculture industries. He was elected to the Territorial Legislative Assembly in 1888.) Official name.

Photo: Looking west-northwest to Mount Lineham from the Cameron Lake Road. Note the Purcell Sill on the lower cliffs.
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Other Information
Photo: Looking west-southwest up Blakiston Creek and beyond Ruby Ridge to Mount Lineham from Highway #5

This peak towers impressively over the road to Cameron Lake. The summit is less than three km from the road but the elevation difference is over 1100 metres.

The east facing cliffs of Mount Lineham provide an excellent view of the Purcell Sill. This is a horizontal layer of greenish-black diabase that, while still molten, was squeezed between the sedimentary layers. Diabase is the coarse-grained equivalent of basalt.

Scrambling Routes
Mount Lineham''s south aspect presents little more than a steep walk, although many hikers trudge to the top by the more circuitous Tamarack trail/west ridge approach. The summit gives a fine view of Mount Blakiston and the Hawkins Horseshoe traverse that finishes here. In early season, snow-covered south slopes are the perfect angle for practising self-arrest, and glissading conditions can be tremendous then, too. Try from about June on. Kane, Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies page 44

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