Leah Peak
2801m (9190ft.)

Located in the Maligne Lake Valley 5 km northwest of Samson Peak. Queen Elizabeth Range, Jasper Park, Alberta Major headwater Athabasca River.
Latitude 52; 42; 45 Longitude 117; 33; 30, Topo map 83C/12

Panorama viewpoint: Maligne Lake. Can be seen from Maligne Lake Road

Named by Mary Schaffer in 1907. Beaver, Leah (Leah was the wife of Samson Beaver who provided the map which led Mary Schaffer's party to Maligne Lake.) Official name.

First ascended in 1926 by R. Ecaubert, guided by J. Weber.

Photo: Leah Peak (left) and Samson Peak (right) from the north end of Maligne Lake

Other Information
Photo: Looking east to Leah Peak (courtesy Randy McAllister)

Samson Peak and Leah Peak are somewhat similar in profile when viewed from the northern end of Maligne Lake. They were named by Mary Schaffer for a married couple, Leah and Samson Beaver. Samson was the Stoney Indian who provided Mrs. Schaffer with the map she used to find the lake. Samson had visited the lake with his father when he was fourteen years of age. Sixteen years later he drew the map from memory when he met Mrs. Schaffer at Elliott Barnes' cabin on the Kootenay Plains in the Saskatchewan Valley
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