Labyrinth Mountain
2118m (6950ft.)

Located in the Red Deer River Valley on the south side of the valley downstream from Ya Ha Tinda Ranch. Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 41; 40 Longitude 115; 28; 25, Topo map 82O/11

Named by D.M. Cruden (Dept. of Geology; University of Alberta) in 1980. The mountain contains a "labyrinth," a maze of open passages between house size blocks of rock. Official name.

Other Information

Dr. Cruden is the author of an article titled, “A rock labyrinth in the Front Ranges of the Rockies” that was published in the Canadian Journal of Earth Science (Volume 17,1300-1309) in 1980.

He suspects that these features are more common than is generally realized & would appreciate knowing of similar features in the Canadian Rockies.

Dr. Cruden is currently (October, 2005) Emeritus Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, T6G 2W2.

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