Mount Ishbel
2908m (9541ft.)

Located in the Bow River Valley east of Johnston Creek. Sawback Range, Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 15; 55 Longitude 115; 46; 25, Topo map 82O/05

Panorama viewpoint: Storm Mountain Hill. Can be seen from Highways 1 and 93S

Named in 1956. MacDonald, Ishbel (Ishbel MacDonald was the eldest daughter of Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald of Great Britain.) Official name.

First ascended in 1933 by D. Day, J. Packer, V. Waters, J. Farish, W. Innes, L. DeCouteur, J. Sterling, guided by Lawrence Grassi. Journal reference CAJ 22-212.

Photo: Looking northeast to Mount Ishbel from the Trans-Canada Highway
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Photo: Looking east to Mount Ishbel from the Bow Valley Parkway

This peak is likely the most sawback-like of all the mountains in the Sawback Range. It is located on the north side of the Bow Valley just downstream from Castle Mountain.

Ishbell MacDonald visited the Canadian Rockies with her father during the time that he was prime minister of Great Britain.

As the Bow Glacier advanced down the valley during the last major advance, the southeast facing slopes of Mount Ishbel were undercut and the rock above became unstable. About 8000 years ago, a few thousand years after the ice receded, a huge part of the mountains broke away and slid into the valley. The mounds of debris cover about ten square kilometres. They are now overgrown and the high, forested hills that lie below the southeast slopes of Mount Ishbel today are referred to as the Hillsdale Slide.

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