Mount Henry
2629m (8626ft.)

Located in the Miette River Valley, 2 km west of Mount Kerr. Victoria Cross Range, Jasper Park, Alberta Major headwater Athabasca River.
Latitude 52; 56; 15 Longitude 118; 15; 00, Topo map 83D/16

Panorama viewpoint: Athabasca River Bridge. Can be seen from Highways 16 and 93N

Naming: Henry, William (In 1810, William Henry was an employee of the North West Company working with David Thompson. He built a supply post (Henry House) on the Athabasca River near the mouth of the Miette at the point where canoe travel became difficult.) Official name.

Photo: Looking north to Mount Henry from Highway #16

Other Information

Although Mount Henry is part of the Victoria Cross Range, William Henry worked for North West Company.

In late 1810, he built a supply post on the Athabasca River in order to assist David Thompson's expedition over Athabasca Pass and eventually to the Kootenay River. It is believed that the post was on "Old Fort Point" just across the river from Jasper Townsite. This was the highest point on the river that canoes could reach.

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