Devil's Thumb
2458m (8065ft.)

Located north of upper Lake Louise Valley; an apparent high point on the east ridge of Mount Whyte above Lake Agnes. Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 24; 38 Longitude 116; 15; 10, Topo map 82N/08
Can be seen from Highway 1

Named by Samuel E.S. Allen in 1894. This minor high point was thought to resemble a thumb. Official name.

First ascended in 1891 by Samuel E.S. Allen

Photo: Devils Thumb in shadow beyond The Beehive and in front of Mount Whyte

Other Information
Photo: Lookind southwest across Lake Agnes to Devils Thumb (courtesy Calvin Damen)

From some angles this is quite a prominent feature, although of modest elevation and the 1:50,000 maps show no closed contours at this point that is the end of the east ridge of Mount Whyte.

It caught the eye of Samuel Allen in 1891 who wrote that he saw, "a towering aiguille, absolutely vertical from the lake." He described his ascent as follows: "In the hope of turning it in flank or rear I ascended the ledge of that peculiar mountain locally known as "The Beehive" to the top of the latter, whence I was able, by following the narrower ledges, to turn a corner and reach a wider gorge, choked by a vast boulder, upon which the remainder of its accomaying avalanche had come to rest. I could reach a portion of it, but, not knowing how securely it was wedged, hesitated to experiment with it. I finally passed the place and made the pinnacle."

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