Mount Foch
3180m (10434ft.)

Located on the continental divide 4 km south of Upper Kananaskis Lake. on the border of Kananaskis & Elk Lakes parks, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Bow & Kootenay rivers.
Latitude 50; 34; 25 Longitude 115; 09; 25, Topo map 82J/11

Panorama viewpoint: Old Elpoca Bridge. Can be seen from Highways 40S and 742

Named in 1918. Foch, Marshall Ferdinand (Marshall Ferdinand Foch was the supreme commander of allied forces during the latter stages of WW I.) Official name.

First ascended in 1930 by Katie Gardiner, guided by Walter Feuz. Journal reference CAJ 19-66.

Photo: Mount Sarrail (left) and Mount Foch from the west at Aster Lake (courtesy Rienk Lakeman)
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Other Information
Photo: Looking southwest to Mount Foch from Upper Kananaskis Lake

Mount Foch was named after Marshall Ferdinand Foch, supreme commander of allied forces during the latter stages of The Great War. In March of 1918 a massive German offensive threatened Paris and the channel ports and it was at this point that Foch was appointed "Generalissimo." Known as the Somme Offensive, it was not immediately stopped but it is thought doubtful that any other commander could have held the Allies together as he did or recovered the military initiative as quickly.

It is part of a group of peaks known as "The French Military Group."

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