Mount Ermatinger
3060m (10040ft.)

Located on the continental divide between the Hooker Icefield and the South Alnus Glacier. on the border of Jasper & Hamber parks, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Athabasca & Columbia rivers.
Latitude 52; 25; 05 Longitude 118; 02; 45, Topo map 83D/08

Named by Arthur O. Wheeler in 1920. Ermatinger, Edward (Edward Ermatinger served with the Hudson's Bay Company from 1818 to 1828.) Official name. Other names Horn Mountain

First ascended in 1928 by W.R. Hainsworth, J.G. Hillhouse, M.M. Strumia, J. Monroe ThoringtonJournal reference CAJ 11-15, AAJ 1-64.

Looking southeast to Mount Ermatinger (centre with Serenity Mountain beyond) (courtesy Don Beers)

Other Information

In his book, "The Glittering Mountains of Canada," J. Monroe Thorington described Mount Ermatinger as, "a mountain of inspiring beauty: a long, knife-edged arete, rising from the Hooker Icefield in a jagged crest of uptilted rock strata, continuing into the north face and merging with a sheer, fluted wall of shining, green ice. The ice-wall is nearly a thousand feet high, broad and unbroken; in our combined experience we could think of but few so glorious. More than anything else it suggested the oncoming mass of a curling sea-wave, about to break and with the sunlight in its crest."

It is remarkable that Edward Ermatinger was honoured by the naming of the peak as late as 1920, almost a century after he was involved with the Hudson Bay Company. It is known that he was a very close friend of John Tod, a pioneer fur trader and one of British Columbia's founding citizens. Tod retired from the fur trade in 1850.

It is also known that Ermatinger was an accomplished musician and composer.

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