Eagle Mountain
2820m (9252ft.)

Located between Howard Douglas Creek and Healy Creek. Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 05; 50 Longitude 115; 44; 40, Topo map 82O/04

Panorama viewpoint: Whiskey Creek West. Can be seen from Highway 1

Named in 1958. The mountain was likely named for an eagle spotted soaring near the summit. Official name.

Photo: Looking southwest with morning light on Eagle Mountain from near the junction of the Bow Valley Parkway and Highway #1
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Photo: Looking sourthwest to Eagle Mountain from near the junction the Bow Valley Parkway and Highway #1

The golden eagle is one of the best known of the birds of prey found in the Rockies. It is dark brown in colour. Bald eagles frequent the Vermilion Lakes area as well. They are dark brown as well as juveniles, but develop a striking white head and tail when they reach sexual maturity at about five years of age.

A striking feature of this peak is, "The Goat''s Eye" located on the northeast ridge and visible as one travels up Healy Creek. This natural hole in the mountain was first noted by George Simpson who wrote of, "a very peculiar feature in an opening of about eighty feet by fifty, which, as we advanced nearer, assumed the appearance of the gateway of a giant''s fortress."

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