2610m (8563ft.)

Located in the Miette River Valley 2 km south-southwest of Mount Kinross. Victoria Cross Range, Jasper Park, Alberta Major headwater Athabasca River.
Latitude 52; 56; 00 Longitude 118; 11; 15, Topo map 83D/16

Panorama viewpoint: Athabasca River Bridge. Can be seen from Highways 16 and 93N

Named by Morrison P. Bridgland in 1916. Cairngorm is Gaelic for "blue-green mountain." There is a range in Scotland called Cairngorm Mountains. Official name.

Photo: Cairngorm from the southeast on the Icefields Parkway
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Photo: Cairngorm (left) and Mount Kinross from the southeast on the Icefields Parkway


"Cairngorm" is not Mount Cairngorm or Cairngorm Peak. Just "Cairngorm." It was named by surveyor Morrison Bridgland after a group of granitic mountains in the Scotland Highlands. "Gorm" in Gaelic means blue-green and in July and early August, the upper slopes of the mountain do have shades of green on them. However the ancient name for the Scottish Crairn Gorm is "Monadh Ruadh," and this meant "red mountains," which the peaks of the Victoria Cross Range certainly are.

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