Mount Coulthard
2642m (8668ft.)

Located on the continental divide at the headwaters of Andy Good Creek and North York Creek. Flathead Range, Park, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Oldman & Kootenay rivers.
Latitude 49; 33; 30 Longitude 114; 34; 15, Topo map 82G/10

Panorama viewpoint: Blairmore. Can be seen from Highway 3

Naming: Coulthard, R.W. (R.W. Coulthard was a prominent mining engineer and the general manager of West Canadian Coal Company in the early part of the century.) Official name.

Photo: Mount Coulthard from Highway #3

Other Information
Photo: Mount Coulthard from Highway #3

Mount McLaren, Mount Parrish, Andy Good Peak, and Coulthard form a semicircle which contains the headwaters of North York Creek. In the upper reaches of this cirque are the entrances to a major cave system within Mount Coulthard. In addition the remains of a Royal Canadian Air Force DC-3 aircraft can also be found. It was on a flight from Comox, BC to Greenwood, Nova Scotia and was lost on January 9, 1946 when it struck one of the peaks of the Flathead Range killing all seven aboard. Rescue crews took several days to locate the crash site and then ten more were required to remove the bodies on toboggans.
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