Cougar Mountain
2863m (9394ft.)

Located in the Elbow River Valley at the head of Cougar Creek. Kananaskis Park, Alberta
Latitude 50; 40; 25 Longitude 114; 53; 50, Topo map 82J/10

Panorama viewpoint: Priddis.

Naming: The mountain is named after the cougars which frequent the area. Official name.

Photo: Cougar Mountain (courtesy Rienk Lakeman)

Other Information
Photo: Cougar Mountain from the west in the lower Piper Creek Valley

Cougar Mountain is an "L" shaped peak with three summits.
Scrambling Routes
Moderate scrambling and much scree via northeast ridge. Cougar Mountain sees few visitors but because of its location in the drier Front Ranges, you can ascend it when bigger peaks are snowbound. Like other peaks in the Little Elbow Recreation Area, a bicycle is the sensible option for the 12 km approach. The ascent is straightforward, and offers a fine view of the steep east faces of Mist Mountain and Mount Rae, big peaks like Mount Assiniboine and peaceful, rolling prairies to the east. Try from mid-June on. Kane, Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies page 130

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