Mount Astley
2869m (9413ft.)

Located immediately north of the west end of Lake Minnewanka; east of the Cascade River; 3 kilometres southwest of Mount Aylmer; southwest buttress of Aylmer pass. Palliser Range, Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 18; 00 Longitude 115; 29; 10, Topo map 82O/06
Can be seen from Highway 1

Naming: Astley, Charles D'Oyley (Together with his brother Willoughby, Charles D'Oyley Astley operated the CPR boat concession on Lake Minnewanka in the late 1800's. The name is no longer official for some reason.) Unofficial name.

Photo: Looking north across Lake Minnewanka to Mount Astley
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Looking north to Mount Astley from the Trans-Canada Highway

Charles Astley's brother, Willoughby John Astley later moved to Lake Louise where he managed the Chateau. He is reputed to have named some of the features in the region of Lake Louise, such as Mount St. Piran, and Lake Annette. [Jon Whelan]
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