Wiwaxy Peaks
2703m (8869ft.)

Located in the upper Cataract Brook Valley immediately north of Lake O'Hara; west of Hungabee; west of Mount Huber; west buttress of Wiwaxy Gap. Yoho Park, Major headwater Columbia River.
Latitude 51; 21; 50 Longitude 116; 20; 00, Topo map 82N/08

Named by Samuel E.S. Allen in 1894. Wiwaxy is the Stoney Indian word for "windy." Official name.

Photo: Looking northeast to the easternmost of the Wiwaxy Peaks from Cataract Brook Valley (courtesy Kathy and Rob Taerum)
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Other Information
Photo: Looking north to Wiwaxy Peaks (courtesy Kathy and Rob Taerum)

During Samuel Allen's 1893 explorations of the area, he travelled up Cataract Brook towards what is now known as Lake O'Hara. After passing Watch Tower he followed what is now known as Wiwaxy Creek into a hanging valley where a gust of wind almost knocked him over. He named the hanging valley, "The Gorge of the Winds." Later in the summer he returned to the Gorge of the Winds with Yule Carryer. During this trip Allen named the first prominent peak Wiwaxy, which he knew meant "windy" in the Stoney language. Appropriately, the wind blew that night as they camped in, "...a resting place in the hollow of the heather slope, whence at a glance we could survey the valley beneath, with its lakes and river and peaks and glacier beyond, while the wind in the tamarack boughs made harmony with the music of the waterfall."
Climbing Routes
Grassi Ridge II 5.6/7
This classic climb takes the prominent ridge on Wiwaxy facing towards Lake O'Hara. It is about 300 m long, giving almost ten ropelengths of mid-5th class climbing. The crux is 5.6/7. It has been many beginner's first climbing experience and is ideal for an "easy" day out with its numerous large ledges along the route and short approach and descent. A fun rock route on mainly good quality quartzite. Take along a small rack of gear. Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 139
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