Brouillard Mountain
3210m (10532ft.)

Located in the Clemenceau Creek Valley above the Chaba Icefield. Hamber Park, Major headwater Columbia River.
Latitude 52; 17; 00 Longitude 117; 51; 30, Topo map 83C/05

Named by Interprovincial Boundary Survey in 1919. The name is the French word for Misty which was Arthur Coleman's original 1892 name for the mountain. Official name. Other names Misty Mountain

First ascended in 1892 by Arthur P. Coleman, L.Q. Coleman, L.B. StewartOther reference Coleman Pg. 155.

Other Information

During his 1892 visit to the Rockies, Arthur Coleman left his packhorses and "tramped" up the Chaba River in search of the elusive Mount Brown and Mount Hooker. Following the third night out the party climbed made an unsuccessful attempt to climb the mountain that they named Fortress Mountain. The following day they reached a high point to the west of Fortress Mountain and saw a, "white pyramid beyond the glacier to the south."

On August 23rd they set out for the Pyramid Mountain (now known as Mount Clemenceau). They encountered difficulties with crevasses, weather and visibility, turning back after reaching 9900 feet. The following day they retraced their steps and reached the summit of Misty Mountain (now known as Brouillard Mountain). They then determined that the mountain they had been referring to as Pyramid Mountain did not join the mountain that they were on. "Its top was probably two thousand feet above us and thre or four miles away, and it seemed very isolated, so that we had to forego any attempt at climbing it, since our supplies were low... Thus far this splendid peak has never been approached by a white man except on our climb of Misty Mountain."

[See Arthur Coleman biography]

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