Deltaform Mountain
3424m (11234ft.)

Located on the continental divide in the Valley of the Ten Peaks between Moraine Lake Valley and Tokumm Creek. The Ten Peaks, on the border of Banff & Kootenay parks, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Bow & Kootenay rivers.
Latitude 51; 18; 05 Longitude 116; 14; 30, Topo map 82N/08

Panorama viewpoint: Moraine Lake Road. Can be seen from Highway 1

Named by Walter D. Wilcox in 1897. The peak resembles the Greek letter "delta." Official name. Other names Saknowa; #8 of the Ten Peaks

First ascended in 1903 by A. Eggers, H.C. Parker, guided by Christian Kaufmann, Hans Kaufmann. Journal reference App 10-295, CAJ 4-143.

Photo: Deltaform Mountain (left) and Neptuak Mountain from the Bow Valley Parkway
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Other Information
Photo: Deltaform Mountain from the Moraine Lake Road

Deltaform Mountain is the highest of the "Ten Peaks." Originally named Saknowa by Samuel Allen, it was renamed Deltaform Mountain by Walter Wilcox in 1897 after he was impressed with the peak's similarity to the Greek letter "Delta." The summit cliffs feature a horizontal band of light-coloured rock just below a dark coloured band near the summit.
Climbing Routes
North-West Ridge (Normal Route) II 5.5
This is the most technical of the normal routes described in the Ten Peaks group. The bulk of the route is a scramble but the final portion of ridge to the summit is quite steep and interesting. Overall, the rock is reasonable but still below average. Start early. This is a long route requiring a scramble over the top of Neptuak en route. Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 122

North Face, The Supercouloir IV 5.8
One of the more popular of the harder climbs described in this book. It follows a relatively straight forward couloir for most of its length but has a sting in its tail. The rock on this face of the mountain is gross in places and rockfall is quite a hazard so pick a cold night and an early start for an ascent. The climb is typically managed in a day from Eiffel Lake but the walk-out could take you into the next day! Popular as a first "hard" route Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 122

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