Mount Back
3009m (9874ft.)

Located in the King Albert and Palliser River Valleys above Back Lake; immediately southwest of Palliser Pass south of Mount King Albert. Park, Major headwater Columbia River.
Latitude 50; 41; 50 Longitude 115; 24; 35, Topo map 82J/11

Named by John Palliser in 1859. Back, George (A prominent British naval officer and explorer of the Canadian Arctic.) Official name.

First ascended in 1916 by Interprovincial Boundary Commission

Photo: Looking southwest from Palliser Pass (Boundary Survey Report photo)

Other Information
Looking southeast to Mount Cradock in distance at centre (Mount Back in foreground at left) from White Man Mountain (courtesy Calvin Damen)

Mount Back appears on The Palliser Expedition's 1865 map but it is not likely that this peak is what he was referring to. He may have meant the name to apply to The Royal Group, an outstanding, nearby range that he would probably have spotted during his travels.
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