Little Odaray
2955m (9695ft.)

Located one km to the southeast of the summit of Odaray Mountain; immediately northwest of McArthur Pass. Yoho Park, Major headwater Columbia River.
Latitude 51; 21; 00 Longitude 116; 22; 30, Topo map 82N/08
Can be seen from Highway 1

Naming: The peak is the southeastern outlier of the main summit of Odaray Mountain. Unofficial name. Other names Walter Feuz Peak

First ascended in 1887 by J.J. McArthur

Photo: Looking south up Cataract Brook Valley to Little Odaray looking up from the Trans-Canada Highway
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Other Information
Photo: Looking west to Little Odaray from Yukness Ledge (courtesy Rob and Kathy Taerum)

James J. McArthur's report of his 1887 visit to the Lake O'Hara area includes a reference to occupying, "a station on the secondary cone of the large mountain which stands on the east side of the Pass." Little Odaray lies to the northwest of McArthur Pass. It is thought that McArthur's reference to the east side of the pass was an error. [Eternal Lake O'Hara by Carol Ann Sokoloff]

The mountain is sometimes referred to as Walter Feuz Peak.

See Odaray Mountain.

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