Mount St. David
2636m (8650ft.)

Located on the Continental Divide five km west of Kakwa Lake and east of Edgegrain Creek. Park, Major headwaters Smoky & Fraser rivers.
Latitude 54; 01; 45 Longitude 120; 14; 30, Topo map 93I/01

Naming: Named for the patron saint of Wales; nearby mountains had earlier been named for the patron saints of Scotland and Ireland. Official name.

Other Information

Named in association with nearby Mount St. Andrews. Campbell (unaware that the name referred to a church in Ottawa), assumed that "Mount St. Andrew" [sic] was a direct reference to the patron saint of England, and named nearby Mount St. George and Mount St. Patrick after the patron saints of Scotland and Ireland, respectively. Mount St. David, is named for the patron saint of Wales.
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