The Steeples
2641m (8665ft.)

Located in the Kootenay River Valley, west of the Bull River. Hughes Range, Park, Major headwater Kootenay River.
Latitude 49; 32 Longitude 115; 25, Topo map 82G/11
Can be seen from Highway 93SS

Named by Thomas Blakiston in 1858. Presumably the mountain was thought to resemble a number of church steeples. Official name. Other names Mount Deception, Deception Mountain, Mount Sabine

Photo: Looking southeast to The Steeples from Highway #93 at Fort Steele
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Photo: Looking northeast to The Steeples from Highway #3

Five kilometres in length,The Steeples form the southern end of the Hughes Range that lies to the east of the Kootenay Valley from east of Columbia Lake to the Bull River that enters the Kootenay at the town of Bull River.

The peak at the southern end of The Steeples is known as Bull Mountain

In his report, Thomas Blakiston of the Palliser Expedition wrote of naming The Steeples in August, 1858, "I also obtained a sketch of the mountains to the northward, Mount Deception, or, as I had myself named it from its peculiar form, "The Steeples," standing quite distinct from the rest. It is not clear what Blakison meant by his reference to Mount Deception but it appears he chose to re-name it and labelled the point as "The Steeples" on his sketch map. However Palliser named the feature Deception Mountain on his 1865 map. Blakiston also seems to be referring to the same feature as Mount Sabine when he wrote, ". . .stretching from Mount Sabine on the north southward to the southward of the boundary line. . ."

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