Mount Tuxford
2575m (8450ft.)

Located between the Elk River and Fording River, east of Courcelette Peak. Park, Major headwater Kootenay River.
Latitude 50; 17; 36 Longitude 117; 52; 32, Topo map 82J/07

Named by Interprovincial Boundary SurveyTuxford, Brig. General G.S. (Brig. General Tuxford presided over a Court of Inquiry into the conduct of the 3rd and 4th Battalions of the 1st Canadian Division on 8 October at the Battle of Courcelette.) Official name.

Photo: Looking northeast to Mount Tuxford from the Elk Valley Road (courtesy Allan Schierman)

Other Information

It seems that, given the nature of Brig. General Tuxford's duties, it is no coincidence that Mount Tuxford stands beside Courcelette Peak.
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