Wedgwood Peak
3030m (9941ft.)

Located 2 km southwest of Lake Magog at the headwaters of Wedgwood Creek. Assiniboine Park, Major headwater Kootenay River.
Latitude 50; 53; 20 Longitude 115; 39; 40, Topo map 82J/13

Named in 1918. Wedgwood, Arthur Felix (Arthur Wedgwood was an army officer who was killed during WW I. Katharine Longstaff, who made the first ascent of the mountain in 1910, was his wife.) Official name. Other names Katharine, Mount

First ascended in 1910 by T.G. Longstaff, Katharine Longstaff, guided by Rudolph Aemmer. Journal reference App 24-255.

Photo: Wedgwood Peak from near Assiniboine Lodge (Ken Jones Collection)

Other Information
Photo: Mount Assiniboine (left) and Wedgwood Peak from near Assiniboine Lodge (Ken Jones Collection)

Note that the mountain is also spelled, "Wedgewood Peak" in some references.

According to Lisa Christensen writing in the Fall/Winter 2005 issue of, "The Cairn" published by the Whyte Museum and Archives, Wedgwood Peak was named in honour of Katharine Longstaff Wedgwood after Katharine, her mounaineer brother Dr. Tom George Longstaff, and Rudolph Aemmer made the first ascent of its north-west face in 1910 and in honour of Katharine's husband Arthur Felix Wedgwood, who was killed in World War I.

The Longstaff family were tourists and mountaineers from Sussex, England who first visited the Rockies in 1903.

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