Mount Shipton
3040m (9974ft.)

Located 2 km. south of Tusk Peak. Park, Major headwater Columbia River.
Latitude 52; 11; 30 Longitude 117; 57; 50, Topo map 83C/04

Named in 1964. Shipton, Eric Earle (Eric Shipton was an English climber who climbed in many parts of the world but never in Canada.) Unofficial name.

First ascended in 1964 by Dr. and Mrs. F.H. Largiader, M. MondolfoJournal reference CAJ 48-117.

Photo: Mount Chettan (l), Mount Shipton, and Pic Tordu (beyond at right) from Reconnaissance Ridge (courtesy Rienk Lakeman)

Other Information
Photo: (l-r) Tusk Peak, Mount Irvine, Mount Shackleton (beyond), Mount Chettan, Mount Shipton, and Pic Tordu (beyond) from the northwest on Reconnaissance Ridge (courtesy Rienk Lakeman)

Eric Shipton (1907-1977), participated in all four of the Mount Everest expeditions during the 1930's. In 1933 he accompanied Frank Smythe in a summit bid, but had to turn back at the First Step (27,890 feet/8500 m). In 1951 he lead a reconnaissance to the south side of the mountain.

Shipton was born in Ceylon and educated in England. After climbing in the Alps, he farmed in Kenya, where he met Tilman, who would become his mountaineering partner.

Later he travelled extensively in South America where, in his mid-50s, he traversed the Southern Patagonia Icecap.

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