Dolomite Peak
2782m (9128ft.)

Located northeast of Helen Creek and west of Mosquito Creek. Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 40; 30 Longitude 116; 22; 20, Topo map 82N/09
Can be seen from Highway 93N

Named by Charles E. Fay, J. Norman Collie, Dixon; Charles S. Thompson in 1897. The mountain was thought to resemble the Dolomite Range of the Italian Alps. Official name.

First ascended in 1930 by J. Monroe Thorington, guided by Peter Kaufmann. Journal reference AAJ 1-402, AJ 43-77.

Photo: Looking northwest to Dolomite Peak from the Icefields Parkway
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Other Information
Photo: Looking southeast to Dolomite Peak from Dolomite Pass (courtesy Dave Wasserman)

Dolomite, crystalline carbonate of lime and carbonate of magnesium named for the geologist Dolomieu, are rare in the Rockies. Dolomite is formed when water containing dissolved magnesium seeps into sediments that are largely calcium carbonate. The magnesium then replaces some of the calcium. The resultant rock is stronger and more colourful than limestone. The cliffs of Dolomite Peak are a mixture of limestone and dolomite. The rock has weathered into splintered and jagged crests with slender rock towers. [M.B. Williams]
Scrambling Routes
Difficult scrambling, some routefinding necessary. Dolomite Peak is a recommended scramble close to the road with the best part at the top. Despite much rubble on the lower slopes, rock on the upper section is generally firm and the summit view is spectacular. Dolomite is an altered (and improved) form of limestone, appreciated by climbers because of its solid nature. Here it occurs in the top 300 or so metres of the mountain. Steep towers give exhilarating scrambling, but all are not as difficult as glances suggest. As the strata are bedded almost horizontally, so, too, are ledges, and despite the ever-present Rockies debris, the last few hundred metres are a fine finish. This area has been closed because of grizzly bear activity in the past, so don't be surprised if you arrive to find a closure sign. If in doubt, check with Banff Park wardens at Lake Louise and have an alternative objective just in case. Try the ascent from July on. Kane, Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies page 294

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