Goodair Peak
2810m (9220ft.)

Located 1.5 km west-southwest of Icefall lake and 4 km west of Simon Creek. Mount Robson Park, Major headwater Fraser River.
Latitude 52; 39; 35 Longitude 118; 22; 40, Topo map 83D/09

Named in 1934. Goodair, Percy Hamilton (A Jasper National Park warden, Percy Goodair was killed in 1928 by a grizzly outside his cabin near Tonquin Valley. He was buried next to the cabin.) Official name.

Other Information

Percy Goodair was said to be, "a well-educated Englishman who had travelled extensively in South Africa and Australia" before he became a Jasper National Park Warden.

Sadly, he was killed by a bear outside his warden’s cabin near Tonquin Valley. Following this tragedy, a friend wrote, "So died, where he would have liked to, one of the most delightful and cultivated gentlemen I have known. He was in no sense a climber, although he could mount the hills faster than I care to do; but he had an intense love of the mountains surpassed by no man. You know the setting of his Maccarib Creek Cabin faces towards the Ramparts. Of that glorious outlook he never tired. We spent five nights with him and he would call us out again and again to see the magnificent and ever-changing light effects on the peaks."

A Jasper National Park report read, "He was one of our best wardens and loved the outside life and disliked the town."

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