Mount Colin
2687m (8816ft.)

Located in the Athabasca River Valley southwest of the head of Jacques Creek and at the head of Colin Creek. Colin Range, Jasper Park, Alberta Major headwater Athabasca River.
Latitude 53; 00; 05 Longitude 117; 59; 10, Topo map 83F/04
Can be seen from Highway 16

Named in 1859. Fraser, Colin (Colin Fraser was Sir George Simpson's personal servant during much of his travels.) Official name.

First ascended in 1947 by N.E. Odell, J. Ross, F.S. SmytheJournal reference CAJ 31-77.

Photo: Mount Colin from the southwest on Highway #16
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Other Information
Photo: Mount Hawk (left) and Mount Colin from Highway #16

[See "Climbs in the Canadian Rockies" by Frank Smythe (Chapter XI) "Failures and Success on Mount Colin]
Climbing Routes
Colin Traverse III 5.6
The original classic of the range. It has the notoriety of having made the hardware-scorning Frank Smythe resort to placing his first and, as legend has it, only piton. It was originally climbed in a SE-NW direction but is now commonly traversed in the opposite direction. A popular outing. Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 294

South-West Face Direct III 5.7
A bit of a misnomer calling this the direct since the central route is much more direct. Nevertheless, an excellent choice for a 5.6-5.7 rock climb. This route generally follows the left edge of a buttress which leads up to the summit. Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 296

South-West Face Central III 5.7
A bit harder than its companion, though very similar in character. Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 296

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