Twins Tower
3627m (11900ft.)

Located in the Upper Athabasca River Valley; the north summit of the North Twin. Winston Churchill Range, Jasper Park, Alberta Major headwater Athabasca River.
Latitude 52; 13; 45 Longitude 117; 26; 55, Topo map 83C/03

Named in 1984. This tower is adjacent to "The Twins." Official name.

Photo: North Twin Peak, with Twins Tower at centre-right, from the north on Mount Woolley (courtesy Paul Russell)
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Other Information
Photo: Twins Tower from North Twin Peak (courtesy Alan Kane)

In his book, "The 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies," Bill Corbett wrote, "The sudden view of Twins Tower from the summit of North Twin is one of the most striking and sphincter-tightening in the Canadian Rockies. Its sharply etched south ridge is a rising sliver of snow, with precipitous drops to the Athabasca Valley on the left and the Habel Creek drainage on the right."

See: South Twin Peak.

Climbing Routes
Twins Tower, Lowe/Jones Route VI 5.10 A4
An incredible ascent of undoubtedly the hardest alpine route in North America at that time. It was completed in atrocious weather and with rapidly dwindling hardware. A typically bold ascent by George Lowe. Objective hazard is highest at the base of the face where serac fall threatens the route. The upper part of this route is steep and offers continuously difficult climbing up to 5.10 A3/4. Anticipate a lot of nailing in thin cracks. Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 223

Twins Tower, North Pillar VI 5.10d A2
A quintessential Cheesmond ascent - a radical climb put up in impeccable style during one of the longest good weather spells in recent times. A more aesthetic line than the Lowe/Jones and mostly a free climb with the odd move of aid. It will undoubtedly see more attempts than the Lowe/Jones because of these features. A training diet of big limestone rock routes would be very useful. You should anticipate some rockfall, especially on the lower part of the route. The first ascent party spent 4 nights on the face. Dougherty, Selected Alpine Climbs page 224

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