Princess Margaret Mountain
2515m (8252ft.)

Located in the Bow River Valley southeast of Carrot Creek; 2.5 km west of Mount Charles Stewart. Fairholme Range, Banff Park, Alberta
Latitude 51; 09; 35 Longitude 115; 22; 20, Topo map 82O/03
Can be seen from Highways 1 and 742

Named in 1958. Margaret, HRH Princess (Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II's sister, visited Banff and spent the night in a spot from which the mountain may be seen.) Official name.

Photo: Princess Margaret Mountain from the Bow Valley on Highway #1near Harvie Heights
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Photo: Princess Margaret Mountain from the Bow Valley

Mount Charles Stewart is a long ridge that parallels the Bow Valley to the northeast of Canmore. Mount Lady Macdonald lies at the southeastern end of the ridge. Princess Margaret Mountain and the unofficially named, "Squaw's Tit" are outliers of Mount Charles Stewart. Both are at the ends of ridges that extend to the southwest and so are prominent when viewed from the Bow Valley and the Town of Canmore. The boundary of Banff National Park includes Princess Margaret Mountain and passes through the highest point of Mount Charles Stewart. A prominent high point on the main ridge of Mount Charles Stewart lies 1.6 km southeast of the main summit, but is approximatly 150 feet lower than the main, broader summit.

Princess Margaret Mountain is an attractive, sharply pointed peak when viewed from the Bow Valley from within Banff National Park.

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