Healy Pass
2332 m
7650 ft

Province Park Map Latitude Longitude UTM Grid Ref
51; 05; 30
115; 52; 00
Headwaters N or E Headwaters S or W Adjacnt Mtn N or W Adjacnt Mtn S or E
Healy Creek
Un-named creek above Pharoh Creek

Named by Named for Other Names Year Named
George Dawson
Healy, John Gerome (Capt. Healy and friends laid claim to several copper finds in the vicinity of Healy Creek.)


Other Information
Photo: View to the northwest from Healy Pass


In his book, "March of the Mounties," Cecil Denny states that Joe (John?) Healy was one of the original owners of Fort Whoop-Up and went on to be responsible for the birth of the community known as Silver City at Castle Junction. The excitement that led to the formation of the town is said to have quickly died when it was discovered that the rich specimen of silver ore that Healy and his friend Clinker Scott had said was yielded by their claim near Castle Mountain had really been imported from Montana.

See Copper Mountain

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