North Kootenay Pass
2057 m
6750 ft

Province Park Map Latitude Longitude UTM Grid Ref

49; 24; 00
114; 34; 00
Headwaters N or E Headwaters S or W Adjacnt Mtn N or W Adjacnt Mtn S or E
Carbondale River
Pincher Creek
Hollebeke Mountain

Named by Named for Other Names Year Named

Location: The Kootenay Indians are said to have frequented South Kootenay Pass and perhaps this one as well.

Other Information

The pass was traversed by Thomas Blakiston of the Palliser Expedition in August, 1858. Blakistonís report details his travels through the pass and he mentions that a railway through the pass would be quite feasible. He did not thoroughly look at the route through the Crowsnest Pass having been advised by the natives that, "it is a very bad road and seldom used." He returned to the prairies via South Kootenay Pass.

In September of 1858 John Palliser, who had reached the Kootenay River Valley via North Kananaskis or possibly Elk Pass, returned to the prairies via North Kootenay Pass.

Visit for interesting information regarding Blakistonís trip through the pass.

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