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To use this feature of Peakfinder you need to have Google Earth installed.  Google Earth dynamically displays satellite images draped over terrain.  To obtain Google Earth at no cost follow this link to

If you have Google Earth installed, you're ready to:
View the Peaks of the Canadian Rockies with Google Earth

-There are a series of folders in the "Places" section of the left panel. This allows you to select the peaks that are identified in a variety of ways similar to what is available on the main page of
-If you click on the icon above the line leading a peak it will turn into three for four lines leading from that point to other icons. Follow along a red line to one of the other icons. Clicking on that one will open the corresponding page from
-Although they are always close, limitations due to various factors sometimes produce inaccuracies in the placement of the lines that lead to the mountain tops. We will be making improvements.
-If you find errors in the information please let us know at:

*This service to the mountain community is brought to you courtesy of, Marta, Chester, and Patrick. 

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Courtesy Marta Wojnarowska